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Artist - suraj | Blog (1)


samsuz69 (08/29/11 09:09:53)   Tag: Musical album

Hello everybody,

I worked out as i could do for my newly solo  album named "INTRO" based on fusion. i tried with all my efforts. I am thankful to Prakash Angdembe, Prakash Dhamala,Dom Kafley, Sanju Giri, Gautam Gurung, Jitu Khadka,&  Naresh Mainaly for their lyrics.

I am always thankful to my team akkheyroks, all supporters, medias and all my well wishers. Hope you will will like it. 

I upload my first track of INTRO in my profile KUCHUJANGPO , you can check.

For comments and queries please write me in

I always remain for bhutanese refugee music upliftment.

Thank you

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