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Artist - suraj


Avg 2.72 / 5
Total of 1133 votes
Last update: 08/07/22 20:59:00
Account: Artist

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Washington (WA)
Signed up: 05 Mar 2011 12:19 PM
Genre: Vocal
Influences: my all times frens
  • Name :    SURAJ RAI

  • Nickname: SURJEY

  • Zodiac: Aquaris

  • DOB :     7th July


  • From :     Chirang, Chirang Bhutan
  • First song:' Say no to drugs'  & first composition ' Kati Lekchhau' in album " SAMJHAUTA" by YFC
  • Worked as Music Co-ordinator in YFC ( 2009)
  • Worked as Co-ordinator in AAB( 2009-2011)
  • Worked as Music Director in under release bhutanese film "RAHASHYA AAFNOPAN KO"
  • Solo Album:  "INTRO"
  • Hobbies :  Composing, singing, photography, videography , travel around & hanging with friends
  • Email :( )
  • Ph. no: 206-419-0535

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Visitor: (05 Feb 2020 03:26 PM)

Wow! this cartoon type YouTube video I have viewed when I was in primary level and at this time I am in college and viewing that over again here.

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Visitor: (01 Feb 2020 06:43 PM)

What's up everyone, I know YouTube video consists of less bytes of memory due to that its quality is bad, however this YouTube video has impressive picture features.

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