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updated: 20 Jan 2011 05:39 AM
created: 20 Jan 2011 05:33 AM
tag: Review
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Bhutanese Nepali Song in America "For the Bhutanese by the Bhutanese"

Reviews. "Bibhina Jata Jatilay"

It's the matter of great pride that the first song have been recorded by the Bhutanese in America, truly bona fide for peace, progress and unity. It's titled "Bibhinna Jata Jatile". It's all a praise for all those who have worked together for this song. How did the song come up? The need of a song was felt for the musical Program to be presented in the convention of OBCA on 18th and 19th of June in Georgia. It was the idea of D.J. Khaling that the song of unification of Bhutanese in America was an immediate need. The task was initially given to Manoj K Rai of Florida, who is a good musician and singer by himself. He thought it was a big responsibility so he took assistance from Ram Gurung, who learnt Nepali music from a veteran composer and singer, Amber Gurung. Ram Gurung is also one of the singers of the National anthem of Nepal. The song was at last completed with the combined effort of Bhutanese Artists of Georgia. It was first presented in the OBCA convention held on 18th and 19th June in Georgia. The visual of the song was edited and uploaded by Mr. Kumar Gurung, the Vice Chairman of OBCA. The song became very popular within a short period of time. It received a respectful number of views at youtube and It was performed by the Bhutanese Community in Nebraska after Georgia, on 4th July at New Arrivals' Recreation Program held in Iowa State where about 26 vehicles of Bhutanese droved from Nebraska. All stood up when the song was played. Everybody prayed for peace, progress, prosperity, unity, help and stood until the song was completed. The community further proclaimed to begin any recognized program here after in Nebraska with this song played.


 Male Singers:- Binod Gurung, John Giri, Mahendra Dahal, Pratap Magar, Puran Thulung, Ram Gurung, Sudesh Rai, Tula Mapchan. Female Singers:- Bhima Thapa, Ganga Thapa , Hema Gurung, Lalita Thapa, Tika Pulami, Tika Rasaily. Lyrics and Composition : Manoj K Rai and Ram Gurung. Music arranger : Bikash Thulung. Recordists : Steve Schwartzberg Recording Studio : Doppler Studio, Georgia, USA. Studio Photo : Deepak Giri. Lyrics :Translation in English:

Our Society is comprised of diverse casts and creeds,

with different Languages and religions,

Our Bhutanese community- in America.




With the hands upon our heart,

all have to be determined today,

To preserve our custom, secular culture, tradition and religion.






We have to move forward with hand in hand,

Towards the path of prosperity,

We have to help all those in the times

Of their hardship or peace.



Comments from Bhutanese Artist Google group:

We Bhutanese living at different countries of the world are proud that we are able to record the song which has represented our community's unity and brotherhood with melodious tuning and good voices in America.We Iowan would like to thank lyricist and music composer Mr.Manoj Rai and Ram Gurung and all singers for the valuable contribution.We also thank all technicians and artist who had labored for the song 'Jate Jatile' to make it successful one.
kamal dahal, Iowa,Desmoines.
I am very happy to hear the new song..I wants to extend congratulations to all artist who did their best to make the song best....Keep your hard work...Bhutanese around the globe are always with you...........................
Kishore Vardhoj.
Very appropriate and impressive song for our Bhutanese community. I hope this kind of contribution will continue to come from the artist group. As we all know that through art and culture, artist can play a vital role to bind and preserve our identity. Keep it up with your positive attitude. Best of luck for your progress towards the brighter side of the future.
Manoj Pradhan
CONGRATULATION to all of you for creating such a beautiful song, entitled - Bibhinna Jata Jatile. Many of us in South Australia see this composition not merely as infectious and powerful piece of music, but as promise from the younger generation that one day the Bhutanese youth will come up with a world class song like "We are the World" to help heal our community which has tormented for so long and create a song like "We Shall Overcome" to ultimately end the prevailing discord and disunity and establish a Bhutanese Community which is truly inclusive, cohesive, equitable, productive, purposeful, stable and strong.
Best wishes for all your future endeavors.
Many thanks, Always, Jogen
A great composition and contribution to the community. I would like to congratulate the team for your good work. Every Bhutanese will love to hear this song. We appreciate your efforts put on the protection and promotion of our culture in the foreign land. I salute your dedication and talents. Keep it up friends. We should send this link to all our contacts inside the country and in exile.
Durga Giri, Munich.
The song and the video is indeed a very good one.Congratulation to the composer and to all the artists for the time and the effort you have invested. You have done a great job which is praiseworthy one. This would inspire all the scattered Bhutanese around the world and encourage them to work for the promotion of our culture. Wherever we go our culture and the music does not leave us. Infact, our culture is very very rich!
Sushil K Niroula, Adelaide, South Australia.
Very beautiful and praise worthy words. We really enjoyed. kumar jee and monaj jee. "jai Bhutan, Jai Bhutanese Nepali, jai our Moto"
 Devi Charan
Its really very nice. Thank you sir. Its uploaded in Bhutan Dragon Music.
Heran Gurung.
Beautiful song representing all Bhutanese.I have firm belief that one day Bhutanese will make their own landmark in World history.
Dhiresh Acharya.
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created:20 Jan 2011 05:33 AM   updated: 20 Jan 2011 05:39 AM   tag: Review
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