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Bhutanese in Minnesota honors Bhutanese Artists.
Written by: admin | 10 Jul 2012 06:22 PM | Comments: 3
Bhutanese in Minnesota honors Bhutanese Artists.
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A Historical musical event of Bhutanese Artists took place in St.Paul, Minnesota for the first time on July 7, 2012.  Most of the Bhutanese Artists from all over America were present. The event was organized by Bhutanese Community Organization of Minnesota.

Quite interestingly, it started with the introduction and felicitation of Artists with the offer of a Dhaka Topee, Khada and a letter of appreciation for their contribution towards music. A very short description of each artist was highlighted by Mr.Ram Gurung, who is also one of the leading musicians and singer of Bhutan. Mr.Gurung has also given his voice in the Nepali National Anthem, “Saiyeu Thunga Phoolka hamee”.  

As soon as the felicitation was over, the program went on with live performances and then followed by solo songs in track music and dances. Singers Damber Khapong and Prakash Ghimere presented welcome song in their own lyrics and a music. Manoj Rai, the singer of the album “Bhutani Katha Byatha” sang-Bhasa ho Sabhyata hamro (language is our civilization) in the beginning of the program.

Local artists – Sunita Rai, Muna Barakoti, Menuka Pradhan, and others presented their beautiful dances and entertained the audiences. Meanwhile, the artists were often remembering the senior singers Mr.Pratap Subba, and Mr.Madhukar Lohani.  The program was chaired by Dr.Chhabi Sharma. After having watched the program, Dr.Sharma expressed happiness in seeing the high level musical qualities in among the Bhutanese artists. 

 Adee Gurung, Amber Subba,  Arjun Rasaili,  Ashok Gurung, Balaram Gurung, Chhabi Neupane, Damber Khapong , Dhan Baraily, Haree Poudel, Kahchhi Maya Subba, Mahesh Thulung, Manoj Rai, Nandi Kishor Siwakoti, Ram Gurung and a poet and lyricist Sancha M Rai were present in among the Bhutanese Artists.  Expressing gratitude to the organizers on behalf of the felicitated artists, Ashok Gurung highlighted the significance of being united to preserve the arts, literature and culture. Notably lady singers are very rare in number among the Bhutanese Artists. The only lady singer Ms.Kanchhi Maya was present in the event. One of the audiences mentioned “at the present scenario, though it is not been possible to felicitate the creation of arts, our artists from all around the globe are working very hard for the recognition our country and our culture.”

The MC of the program was Mr.Arjun Pradhan who is also one of the main organizer and correspondent-journalist of Bhutan News Service. Closing the ceremony Mr. Tilak Pakwal, the coordinator of the program expressed his happiness to felicitate such a big number of artists and thanked all the artists for managing to arrive in St.Paul, Minnesota all the way from throughout the nation. 


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Updated: 26 Jul 2012 02:30 AM
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Visitor: The playoff makes a tour of hot fire vs hart (29 Apr 2013 03:41 PM)

The hot fire war capability analyzes
After, the sweetener that tasted a Duo hat last year's hot fire decides to further insist to wildly offend strategy and just promotes to defend strength just in "the time needed".The result is them each 100 rounds can get for 112.4 cents and take the offensive an efficiency to occupy an alliance over a long period of time two ex-, with vitality four shoot of thunderbolt the momentary Yu is bright.
With in great quantities build the thunderbolt of penalty different BE, hot fire mainly depend of is precisely shoot the basket to shake Zhe opponent.39.5% of their the 2nds that in the clout a rate to rank high an Low Top Converse Shoes alliance three cents, and compared the warriors of the 1st to throw more 100 many times.Making moves to count specific heat fire three cents currently is many of 5 ball teams, don't more than 39.6% in the clout rates all.Can give attention to both the quality and quantity that the outside line shoots the basket, make effectively ining the clout of the hot fire the rate(add the mobile warfare efficiency of power three minutes tos) rank high an alliance first.
In the hot fire brigade currently, totally have 8 players three cent Cheap Converse High Tops in the clout rate more than 36%, expect Di Er(43.0%) and thunder among them- Lun(42.3%), checked Mo Si(41.2%) and Zhan Mu Si(40.3%)'s quasi- hearts of Ers to all exceed 40%.This certainly has Ba Di Er the status rally among them, Cheap Skate Shoes Lun consistent precise etc. factor, but the most still must appreciate that Zhan Wei leads long numerous empties that make dint's accomplishes.
Particularly Zhan Mu Si, after passing by champion attestation, he more need not care querying of the external world"not enough guts", will give attention to both cool-headed and explosion of the ball breeze make a show of thoroughly.Arrived a playoff Zhan Mu Si should correspond increment to take place time and invade sex, therefore the aggression of normal regulations match answers book should the extreme limit of not just hot fire.
Defend aspect, the hot fire match experienced 1 to whet to match a period at the beginning of quarter, gradually tacit understanding the efficiency have already silently increased to ex-10 of alliance after.The part of the most outstanding brigade is still consistent arrogantly build a mistake, limit opponent to in the clout rate and penalty also at alliance first half segment.BE limited by body figure, one of their fault is still to defend a plank not that outstanding, but this link is still not enough to influence first run situation.

User Image
Visitor: The playoff makes a tour of Ni gram the Si vs Kai Er especia (29 Apr 2013 03:36 PM)

The Ni gram Si war capability analyzes

Ni gram Si of the match quarter Be basic to be divided into three parts-open Gao Ge Meng from Converse Pro Star stage in bureau to enter, in the center rise and fall very greatly drive hot the fire jilt to open and accepted an officer part to trample accelerator once again.However the situation that they twice break out has a dissimilarity, once is depend many players super often of three divide quasi- heart, second times then rely on Anne Tony and personal outstanding ability of J.R.-Smith more.

The whole match quarter comes down, the Ni gram Si is still the aggression that the whole allianceses can count strong brigade.They each 100 roundses can get for 111.2 cents and take the offensive an efficiency to be second only to thunderbolt and hot fire.Exceed a gram-five virtuous Sens beat ability for the list outstanding, but ball skill the noodles don't calculate Anne Tony of special breadth and Smith to measure form dress and established a set Converse Skate Shoes of extremely effective aggression to beat a method.

The special feature of this biggest dozen method lies in dividing Cheap Converse Skate Shoes the work definitely, the Ni gram Si sits to hug 3 to control a Wei fee an Er, radicle virtuous and Ji Ao in the Pu Ni, but their task be not is binary star manufacturing opportunity, but control rhythm and draw back space.And the rearguard is from of Sam Po usually appear as guests with JR especially small forward, result Ni gram the Si own an alliance to lowestly help to offend rate and mistake rate at the same time and almost never throw ball is huge to take the offensive a promoting of efficiency to help.

Especially the Kai Er person's war capability analyzes

Being green before the soldier and aring latest for several years can give people with the surprise, but their performances slide to 08 years of the valley bottom is to don't contend for fact.Aggression and top match of the ball team the quarter isn't too what a mess, and still can see out of that kind of-they 50.3%ly and effectively in the clout a rate to seem to be not bad, even if the Long submits an expense accounts to also have the alliance helping of the 4th to offend a rate more and depend on conducting ball to get reasonable of the opportunity to shoot the basket is still a strong point.At the same time ball team 0.204 of build penalty specific weight still calculate medium Ju in rules, in the alliance 15th.

The problem is in two parts, first is a ball team to have 14.1% aggression rounds is come to an end with mistake, the whole alliance counts down the 7th.This is in fact also the distinct place of green soldier and Ni gram Si, 2 brigades all have many old will stay in, the ball breeze is also all very cool-headed, but the former have to depend on more to spread ball to make an opportunity to get a goal, the mistake almost is ineluctable.

Another problem is larger, namely Kai Er especially person can rob to 20.1% planks, once again at alliance mat bottom.This problem the time in view match not too and easily rear-the usual idea is to rob ex- field basket plank is "achievement", could not rob also not BE"lead";But green soldier two aggression opportunity such of little, and the mistake really influenced their aggression qualities again and again.

The whole match quarter comes down, Kai Er especially the person shoot the basket less than opponent 184 times, the penalty is 224 times little.Under the circumstance that make moves thus sparse lack, in etc. be partial to the last confidence ability have already been not enough to promote to finally answer book.Result green soldier each 100 can get for 103.2 cents and count down the 7th in the alliance.This is also why the Long lack more to influence the ball team not greatly, because of their aggression originally not enough good.

User Image
Visitor: Prakash Ghimirey (14 Jul 2012 01:28 AM)


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