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Interview With Tilak Pokwal.
Written by: admin | 23 Jun 2012 05:04 AM | Comments: 3
Interview With Tilak Pokwal.
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This is an excerpt from the emails shared with Tilak Pokwal.


How many are you expecting to come?

 We are expecting at least 500 people in the hall. 

Will there be performances?

 We have requested at least two songs  to be sung by honored singers and we do have dances to add some flovour.

Who are the artists that have co nfirmed to come for the Program.?

 So far 18 Artist have confirmed to come and they are as follows: Damber Khapung, Dhan Baraily, NBJK, Prem Poudel, Mahesh Thulung, Ram Gurung,Hari Poudel, Nandi Kishor, Arjun Rasaily, Govinda Phuyel,Bala Gurung, Kanchi maya Subba, Amber Subba, Naresh Mainaly,Ashok Gurung, Chabi Neopaney,Manoj Rai, Sita Rai [arriving in US on 26th of this month but will join with us.] and D.B Gurung. We are still trying to contact some other friends and i shall let you know if there comes any.

Venue of the Program.?

St. Paul Student Center[university of Minnesota]

2017 Buford Ave

St. Paul, MN, 55108


pm to 8 pm 

Who are the main Creative heads of the Program?

I have designed this program in support of  Bhutanese community in Minnesota and its 13 Board members. And.  

Who all are supporting the Program?

This program is fully supported by our Community, The Bhutanese Community in Minnesota. 

What is the motive of the Program?

Motive of the Program is to Honour Our Artist. We want our talents to come out and let all the Bhutanese People recognize them and their talents, protect culture, bring peace of mind to the people via art. 

Who likely are the stars of the program going to be?

We have counted all artists as stars and are loved equally. 

Do you want to say anything atlast?

 This is a public program and everyone is welcomed. I would like all artists to try to attend even if we have missed to invite anyone.

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Updated: 24 Jun 2012 07:46 PM
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Visitor: wiliam (27 May 2021 12:01 PM)



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Visitor: Caroline (26 Apr 2021 08:40 AM)

I would like to join this amazing show. I also wanted to release my design product of Tan Bomber Jacket's Women over there. Let's see, whether I get the chance to do this or not?

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Visitor: Rattle Snake (16 Apr 2021 08:10 AM)

So what this is all has to be subjected as I guess to be really honest, it is kind of something which is still being menaced by rough treatment and there is no better day than the present to do something serious about it. It just like goes as if it is taken a sign of menace by students to college admission essay service for themselves.

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