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Losar Program Completed and Bhajan Album Launched
Written by: admin | 11 Jan 2012 05:07 AM | Comments: 2
Losar Program Completed and Bhajan Album Launched
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ल्होछार मनाउदै भजन समर्पणको बिमोचन 

जनवरी ८, २०१२ 

अमेरिकाको जर्जिया राज्यमा बसोबासो गर्ने भुटानी तथा नेपाली दाजु भाई दिदी बहिनीहरुले गुरुङ(तमु)

 जातिको नंया वर्ष(ल्होछार) जनवरी ८ को दिन धुमधाम हर्सौल्लासको साथमा मनाएका छन् ।

 उक्त चाडको उपलक्ष्यमा बिहानै देखि चार जना भुटानी लामा गुरुहरुको अगुवाइमा स्थानीय मिलम

 पार्कमा बौद्ध धर्मवाल्म्भीहरुको उलेख्य उपस्थितिमा पठन पाठन सम्पन्न भएको हो।

 उक्त अवसरमा अस्ट शील ग्रहण गरि सोजुंग पूजा, आर्य अवालोकेतेश्वरको पूजा, माता लक्ष्मीको

 पूजा, महाकालको पूजा साथै विश्व शान्तिको कामना गरिएको हो  ।

 सोहि अवसरमा क्लार्कस्टोन कमुनिटी हलमा बलुकी स्थानीय साथै विभिन्न राज्यबाट विविध

 साँस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम प्रस्तुत गरिएको हो।

यसै अवसरमा नेपालको गोलधाप शरणार्थी शिविरबाट एटलान्टमा पुनर्बास हुनु भएका श्री बिशा

गुरुङ को निर्माणमा पहिलो भजन संग्रह 'भजन समर्पणको  प्रमुख अतिथि श्रीमती मनिकला

 गुरुङ(बस्नेत)  NASEAअमेरिकाका भूतपूर्व सभापति राजा घलेको बहुलीबाट बिमोचन गरिएको हो।

 उक्त एल्बममा सातवटा भजन  समाबेस गरिएको   

 उदयमानकलाकार किशोर सिवाकोटी, अगम गुरुङ, कमल राई, सुमन दिंगमाली, रत्न ठुलुंग,

 र बिशाल गुरुङ को शब्द संगीत रहेको छ भने  प्रनिम राई, सागर राई, सरिता राई, सुमन

 दिंगमाली, बिशाल गुरुङ र प्रताप मगरको कर्णप्रिय आवाजमा सजिएको छ  ।

 यस एल्बमको  रेकोर्दिंग रेकोर्दिस्ट हर्क गुरुङ ले स्थानीय एच. के. रेकोर्दिंग स्टुडियो मा रेकोर्ड

 गरेका हुन् भने संगीत संयोजन कमल राई ले गरेका हुन्  ।

 यो एल्बमको निर्माणमा Bhutanese Artists of Georgia(BAG) बिशेस सयोग रहेको छ । उक्त

अवसरमा सम्पूर्ण कलाकारहरुलाई खदा र प्रमाण पत्रद्वारा सम्मान जनाएको हो ।


PHOTOS of the Program:


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Updated: 11 Jan 2012 05:43 AM
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Visitor: The Du orchid of Zhan Mu Si leads the distance of whole alli (29 Apr 2013 03:46 PM)

100 Chinese foot Gan the head is further

If want with a words and contrast Zhan Mu Si and Du orchid especially, "the former is more overall, the latter is to more purely get a goal a hand" should be reasonable evaluation.Two of him all have the natural endowments-Zhan Mu Si to differ with ordinary people to possess ~ and ~ strength and speed, the Du orchid then has a terrible arm exhibition with vivid especially and seemed don't need how much effort ability by leap and bounds.

This seems to be already to become reality till last match quarter, Zhan Mu Si and Du orchid live separately a MVP placard especially two ex-, all lead a brigade to beat in total finals again.Is also say, they which afraid stay around the then level, is already also admire greatly people's high mountain.Unexpectedly Zhan Du does through whetting of a summer, unexpectedly again will respectively of the ball skill promoted a height.ESPN even describes Cheap Converse Shoes For Women that they be at each other study, absorb the strength of the other Cheap Converse Shoes For Men party in order to the perfect state.

Say Zhan Mu Si first, he really said by overall Zhao, but former the aggression still keep having some to be partial Converse Jack Purcell Shoes to a section, particularly is an outside line to shoot the basket a not enough stability.(career three cent in the clout to lead 33.7%)This year of result he has already raised to 40.3% of outside line quasi- hearts-in consideration of his role is a core rather than pure shooter, this answers book particularly rare.(Zhan Mu Si's teammate thunder- Lun three cent in the clout a rate is 42.5%, but have 95.4% three cents, the ball comes from helping to offend, Zhan Mu Si then 54.9%)

The precise outside line shoots the basket the basket of plusing the violent in action next destructive power and makes the match quarter of Zhan Mu Si in the clout a rate to attain 56.3% terrible levels.He is completely keeping the premise of omnipotent true colors(almost all advanced datas at small forward first half segment) under, made duplicate a Du orchid especially arbitrarily the district open fire of ability.Two people of true in the clout a rate(after three cents and add power behind of in the clout a rate) the difficult cent brothers is 63.8% and 64.4% respectively also.

As for Du orchid especially, the"ball Chi" that always tries for the best doesn't satisfied with to do a hand of purely getting a goal.Particularly is Zhan Mu Si-admire to ascend after leaving a brigade, the thunderbolt urgently needs someone to take over Wei little outside of organization heavy responsibility.The Du orchid gives the answer abnormality of loud and clear especially:When having Converse High Tops Shoes him was present, the thunderbolt had 15.1% aggression rounds to help to offend be over with it.This data's still hasing many distances, but comparing than Zhan Mu Si's 23.1% oneself is already tremendous progress.

Before the Du orchid is hereby of in the 5 years career, help to offend a rate never more than 11.6%, almost rose a half this year.There is a kind of parlance that think, the Du orchid undertakes to organize a task especially, is the bad result that admires to ascend to leave a brigade to be forced to result in, but his in the clout a rate stiller high than last match quarter, the thunderbolt leads at it under take the offensive an efficiency also steady medium have been already risen, the normal regulations match stage should ast least affirm the positive meaning of transformation.His anti- example is another be thought to is to purely get a goal Anne Tony of hand, last match quarter Ni gram many Sis control Wei to get hurt, his being forced to divide attention a performance in organization is very greatly influenced.

User Image
boyzguru27 (14 Jan 2012 04:21 PM)

Great Guys. Can anyone provide more details on the Bhajan Album

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