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to understand Beyond music
Written by: linliqun4 | 28 Jun 2013 09:18 AM | Comments: 151

everything go with the flow.Beijing News: so many years, you've done a lot of commemorative activities Ka-kui, what plans this year Tim Chen Jian: 2003 has published a tribute to Ka-kui rock compilation (Note: "band2", only issued in Hong air jordan 5 buy online Kong). Beyond this year happens to be the thirtieth anniversary, forthcoming Beyond the historical biography and Ka-kui commemorative photo. In fact, six, seven years ago, the beginning of pen to write Beyond the history books, started two years ago on the micro-Bo, and slowly learned Beyond currently circulating information, there are many of them are wrong, coupled with a lot of fans are very eager to learn More Beyond history, so I stepped up to complete Beyond the historical biography. In fact, to commemorate the Ka-kui, not necessarily in June, not necessarily engage memorial concert, the most important is a serious effort to

 understand, to understand Beyond music. In addition, commemorative photo royalties as early as a year ago in my micro-Bo has been announced it will donate to charity purposes.】 【Liu ZhuohuiIn 1988, the memory of the Great air jordan 4 sale Wall and Beijing SubwayBeyond the first time met to push down to 1983. Then they "Guitar" magazine's won the championship, I work in the music magazine, will meet in Jordan to a cafe for a visit. Later, in 1986, because in a lyrics competition winners, plus friends with Tim Chen Jian relationship, I was invited to help Beyond lyrics. In the creative process, I did not too much communication with Ka-kui, just over the DEMO submitted occasionally will write a simple song, these words will become my lyrics directions. Creation time, he did not think these songs will be handed down, and now hear these songs will be very mixed feelings.Then we are

relatively young, often very time to meet meet, we fixed location is the original Miramar hotel's cafe. Everyone laughing and joking together, very youthful state. Memory Ka-kui lot, forever, it seems there is always a lot of the surrounding view. Ka-kui birthday, I put a microblogging everyone 1988 in Beijing subway photo. That year, we are 26 years old. Because I came to the mainland before them twice, compared with them on the mainland Jiaoshu, so as a half-wizard identity and Beyond came together in Beijing, also wrote a post titled "Beijing Diary 1988" in the text. At air jordan 3 cheap that time, the organizers also arranged for us to go to the Great Wall. Thus, after the return of Hong Kong with the "Great Wall" of this song. Oral: Liu Zhuohui[Liang Qiao Bo]We are "faking" an insurance salesmanI am often asked, 1991 "Beyond Life Touch" concert harmonies that checkered hat is not what you  I always answer "Yes." At that time good play is our happiest days, I and Ka-kui in the same organization as the insurance salesman. And a lot of young men like music, although in work, always looking for an excuse to skip work, together and play music. The eighties, because of limited information, can be heard in Hong Kong, not a lot of

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Updated: 28 Jun 2013 09:18 AM
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