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The Need for Common Platform

Exiled for two decades did not debar Bhutanese artists from creating. From painting to carving

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The Need for Common Platform
Written by: admin | 20 Jan 2011 05:18 AM | Comments: 0
The Need for Common Platform
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Exiled for two decades did not debar Bhutanese artists from creating. From painting to carving sculpture and from humming in a jungle to singing Nepali National anthem, artists kept pursuing. Hardships in life actually became the source of inspiration of Musical adoption in Bhutanese Nepali speaking populace.  Fortune must have favored us to present all the creations to the general mass with an indispensable media along. This site presently is focusing to bring out the hidden Nepali-musical arts and artists who are always shaded behind unseen. In the global context Nepali music is heard very rarely in comparison to English music not just because of small Nepali speaking population but the created music hardly reaches to the right listeners lacking media to propagate.

Here are some instances of discrepancies that are apparent in Nepali music.

Amber Gurung, veteran among veteran musicians was identified and recognized by the king of Nepal, Mahendra decades before. Never know; the then co-musicians with Mr.Gurung and their works could have been perished without knowing ever.

Udit Narayan Jha, a singer from Nepal got Bombay the final destiny. Even Nepali Listeners listen to his songs more in Hindi than in Nepali just because Hindi songs are more reachable to listeners with media than Nepali Music.

Madhukar Lohani, a veteran singer, lyricist and a musician is known with his talent only at the age of 60. He is highly respected by all Nepali artists these days for his blissful arts and creation.

Had there been adequate reach of media, Mr.Lohoni would not have to wait until he is 60. Pratap Subba, a renowned singer of Bhutan known with his famous song “Bandhan ko Chino” would have pursued his singing career with all his songs of nostalgia but he is never heard today.

Friends of alter-ego finally thought of bringing this site for all artists to present their works of creation for Artists’ sustainability and publicity commercializing them. Though it may sound gauche but pragmatically this would encourage them to carry on with their works of interest. Taking this initiative has lots of challenges yet our group’s commitment to uprising musical arts shall take it seriously.

We encourage all Nepali speaking Artists to come forward in the platform without any differentiation. Of course, music has no boundary and you are welcome!

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Updated: 21 Jan 2011 10:03 PM
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