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this will allow wooden furniture

liuyi (07/04/17 07:29:36)   Tag: Treatment floor cracking skills

in the water, that is to say we can't wipe the furniture directly with wet cloth. Because this will allow wooden furniture damp expansion, and finally deformation. 3, how to maintain the elm furniture "play" "play" is the meaning of wax. To solve the problem of how to maintain the old elm furniture must pay particular attention to the problem of waxing. Before waxing, we should wipe the dust off the furniture surface with cotton cloth, like some stubborn stains. We

can remove it with a little alcohol. After that is the official waxing, we should first paint wax, and then spread slowly with dry cloth. In general, waxing frequency once a week is enough, should not be too frequent. At this time the elm furniture maintenance, we must be careful not to be overly friction furniture, to avoid damage to the twilight zone. Elm furniture and maintenance if done in place, so the furniture can be passed down from generation to generation, very

meaningful. Wooden furniture itself has a unique elegant atmosphere, like some simple decoration, classical decoration, and it is very matching. When doing the maintenance if what problems encountered, we must be a lot of advice, if the people around to help you can also directly in the "I love my home decoration site for free consulting professionals. Comments: the elm furniture maintenance, Xiaobian summarized 3 methods: shading, cleaning, waxing, this is the

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