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fake gucci belts the state-owned assets

jacketsy (03/28/16 08:10:14)   Tag: Replica Gucci Belts

In this way, fake gucci belts the state-owned assets supervision and administration in a detached point of view, through the establishment of the state-owned asset management platform, to exercise the function of the investor, utilizing the means such as merger, acquisition and reorganization, the state-owned capital exit from the most competitive areas, to promote its to the relationship between the national economy and national security the important industries and key areas of focus, really really play for the national economy influence and control. From the reform as a whole, the path is correct, can avoid the soe reform once again return to the worst of the Nash equilibrium. When I consider, sasac this suddenly thrown so a cic II, is turned into the state of the government budget in part of the profits can turn into their own hands. It can avoid to a certain extent a controlled the 150 central enterprises, assets amounted to hundreds of thousands of billion of state-owned big boss in fact embarrassed without money in hand. The purpose, I think you can understand, but the state-owned assets supervision and administration to form a platform is not the so-called cic II such enterprises, Buy Gucci Belt the history and reality has consistently shown that state-owned capital to play the so-called pure pure financial capital operation few successful precedent, embarrassed, cic is a lesson. , I suggest that state-owned assets supervision and administration in accordance with the state of our complete their thin body and replica gucci belts transformation at the same time, can through to the CDB, chengtong holdings, a paradigm shift in companies such as room, let them into the following three types of asset management companies: one is the assets management company, as the state-owned assets supervision and administration of operation platform, on the part of the state on behalf of the state-owned assets supervision and administration to perform the duties of the investor; Second, is the policy of asset management company, responsible for the difficult enterprise hosting and profit-making of bad assets disposal, the resettlement of the workers, 3 it is the policy investment company, to provide public goods, is not willing to a private area of investment, make up for market failure. In this way, the three companies, plus the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission some direct stake his own state, on the one hand, continue to accomplish the mission of soe reform is not complete, on the other hand, will be three kinds of company liquidation of funds can be used exclusively for the reform of payment difficulties enterprises cost, staffing, the supplementary pension debt, etc., let employees have a solid future in state-owned enterprises, this than what cic II is obviously much more meaningful. Global send money to stimulate the economy, the United States, Europe, fake gucci belt Australia is brewing a new round of plan hair money, our Taiwan area, neighboring South Korea, Japan is no exception. Send money is certainly a good thing, for any reason, have destroyed a revenue, in traditional Cheap Gucci Belts culture will be rendered in the stream of uncool.
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