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Site News

New at Bhutanese Artists

New at Bhutanese Artists




1. Interview with Kishor Siwakoti by Arjun Pradhan


2. Kanchi Maya Subba - Profile


3 Release of new Album "Ajambari" by Madhukar Lohani


4. Profile Dhan Baraily


5. Profile Arjun Rasaily


6. Profile Manoj Kumar Rai


4. keep tuned to get more updates.

12 Aug 2012 04:39 AM    tag: News

Comment Feature Changed

Now Visitors can Comment without login. Previously Visitors were not allowed to comment but

now they can comment by just entering email ID and Name. That allows the visitor to leave

comment and their views and openion are heard.


Enjoy New Feature......... !

13 Jan 2012 03:54 AM    tag: News

Whats new with Bhutanese Artists?

Lets sum up what happened with the artists website after launch in less than two months

48 Users and Artists!

38 Gallery Images! 

28 Artist Reviews!

 12 Blogs!

 13 Fans!

¤ Music
Total Plays: 4,203
Total Streams: 4,203
"Downloads have been disabled so its zero"

¤ Video
Total Plays: 1,008
Total Streams: 1,008

"Downloads have been disabled so its zero"

Website Update:
1. Presently we accept only certain formats, so we  request our artists to upload the audio in MP3 formats only and Video in FLV format.
2. We have stopped displaying the listeners and artists who haven't uploaded their profile photos, so we request all our artists and listeners to update their profile and upload profile photos.

23 Feb 2011 12:11 AM    tag: News

Website Live Now.

Its our great pleasure to announce about long discussed artists website.  We are finally ready with the much anticipated website. The technical parts have been worked out. Basic required features have been installed. In future we plan to bring in more features for the artists. We hope its good to get started with what we have tried to put together.We are initially aiming to bring all our artists online with modern web technology and provide them with all the platform required.Our visions are unlimited so our artists will definitely benefit a lot from the site.Currently artists are able to upload songs, videos, paintings, photos. It can be listed for free viewing or can be put on for sale.In addition members and artists can put other items like digitals(MP3 songs, Videos) and other Goods & CDs for sale. They can create radio stations and TV channels.We have integrated a easy but strong NEWS system, Forum, Blogs for artists and members to share their ideas.As you browse you will see more features inside.Bhutaneseartists.

26 Jan 2011 09:25 PM    tag: News