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Effect of alloying elements on phase diagram of...

08/17/21 06:36:33
Posts: 4,887
Rabid Fan
Effect of alloying elements on phase diagram of iron carbon alloy

1. Effects of alloying elements on phase a region: 1) expand phase a region (Mn, Ni, CO); 2) Reduce the phase a region (Cr, V, Mo, SI); 3) It is for this reason that we can produce austenitic steel and ferritic steel;
2. Effect of alloying elements on S and e points: all elements that expand the A-phase region move s and e points to the left and lower; All elements that reduce the phase a region move the s and e points to the upper left.
Influence of alloy elements on S and e points: as shown in the figure influence of alloy elements on S and e points:
1. Effect on austenitizing - most alloying elements (except nickel and cobalt) slow down the austenitizing process. Therefore, higher heating temperature and longer holding time are required during heat treatment than carbon steel—— Carbide should not decompose.pipe steel pipe
2. Effect on austenite grain size - most alloying elements hinder austenite grain growth. On the contrary, manganese and boron can promote austenite grain growth. Therefore, except manganese steel, alloy steel is not easy to overheat when heated. This is beneficial to obtain fine martensite after quenching; It is also conducive to appropriately increase the heating temperature, make more alloy elements dissolve in austenite, increase hardenability and improve the mechanical properties of steel.China manufacturer Hot Rolled competitive price Structure Steel Flat Bar
3. Effect of alloying elements on Austenite Transformation -- except cobalt, all alloying elements move the C curve to the right, reduce the critical cooling rate of steel and improve the hardenability of steel. Some alloying elements also change the shape of C curve. In addition, most alloying elements also reduce the MS point.All Size high quality steel wire rod with good quality

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