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Mechanical properties of high manganese steel

08/06/21 06:16:34
Posts: 4,887
Rabid Fan
Mechanical properties of high manganese steel

1. Effect of carbide on properties of high manganese steel
Reduce impact toughness and tensile strength
2. Effect of non-metallic inclusions on properties of high manganese steel
During the solidification of molten steel, a large amount of manganese oxide precipitates in the form of non-metallic inclusions on the perimeter of the steel, which reduces the impact toughness of the steel and increases the tendency of hot crack in the casting.astm a312 tp316l flexible stainless large diameter steel pipe price
3. Selection of chemical composition and its influence on properties of high manganese steel
(1) when the carbon content and manganese content of steel is too low, it is not enough to produce effective work hardening effect; When the carbon content is too high, there will be a lot of carbides in the cast state, especially the coarse carbides. Therefore, in order to avoid carbide precipitation, the carbon content must not be too high.
In order to ensure the performance of high manganese steel, there must be enough manganese content. When the manganese content is too low, no single austenite structure can be formed. It is generally stipulated in production that WMn should be controlled at 11.0%-14.0% and WC should be controlled at 0.9% ~ 1.3%. It should be pointed out that there should be an appropriate match between the manganese content and the carbon content, that is, there should be an appropriate ratio of manganese to carbon, generally controlled at Mn/C=10.
(2) The specification content of Wsi in high silicon manganese steel is 0.3% ~ 0.8%, silicon will reduce the solubility of carbon in austenite, promote carbide precipitation, the wear resistance and impact toughness of steel is reduced, so the silicon content should be controlled at the lower limit of the specification.Various standards Q235 carbon steel round bar
(3) The specification content of phosphate content high manganese steel is Wp≤0.7%. When smelting high manganese steel, due to the high phosphorus content of ferro manganese, the phosphorus content of steel is also relatively high under normal circumstances. Since phosphorus reduces the impact toughness of steel and makes castings prone to cracking, the phosphorus content of steel should be minimized.
(4) sulfur content high manganese steel specification requirements Ws≤0.05%, high manganese steel because of the high manganese content, most of the sulfur and manganese in the steel in the melting process of mutual combination and the formation of manganese sulfide (MnS) and into the slag, so the sulfur content in steel is often low (generally not more than 0.03%), therefore, in high manganese steel sulfur harmful effect is higher than phosphorus.
(1) Among the various methods to improve the microstructure and properties of high manganese steel, precipitation enhanced heat treatment method has the characteristics of simple process, stability, low cost and energy saving, and has obvious economic benefits.
(2) A certain amount and size of dispersed carbide hard point structure can be obtained in high manganese steel by heat treatment, which can improve the work hardening ability and wear resistance.
(3) With the deepening of the research on precipitation strengthening mechanism, the wear resistance enhancement of matrix with carbide hard point will become the main development trend to improve the wear resistance of high manganese steel.304 Capillary tube stainless steel tube 316 stainless steel seamless pipe

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