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QBe2 beryllium bronze

08/06/21 03:59:52
Posts: 4,887
Rabid Fan
QBe2 beryllium bronze

Material name: QBe2 beryllium bronze
Standard :(GB/T 5231-2001)
Features and scope of application:ppgi corrugated steel sheet ppgi coils from china
After quenching and tempering, it has high strength. Hardness. Elasticity. Wear resistance. Fatigue limit and heat resistance; It also has high electrical conductivity. Thermal conductivity and cold resistance, non-magnetic, no spark on impact, easy to weld and fiber weld in the atmosphere. Excellent corrosion resistance in fresh and seawater. QBe2 beryllium copper product characteristics: high performance copper alloy, after solution and aging hardening treatment, has high hardness, high wear resistance, high knock resistance, high yield limit and fatigue limit, good corrosion resistance, high conductivity and excellent heat dissipation performance. Easy to process, excellent cooling effect. Beryllium copper applications: used as raw material for high precision electronic, plastic and optical moulds where water is not available, as cooling system for soil parts, cores, punts, hot channel cooling systems, communication preparation equipment, electronic and electrical equipment, instrumentation, aerospace, automotive manufacturing and processing parts.
Chemical composition of QBe2:hot forged steel round bar from China manufacturer
Aluminum (Al) of 0.15 or less, silicon (Si) of 0.15 or less, lead (Pb) 0.005, or less (Cu), iron (Fe) of 0.15 or less, beryllium (Be) 1.8 ~ 2.1, nickel (Ni) 0.2 ~ 0.4, the impurities total % 0.5 or less
Technical parameters
Beryllium copper technical parameters:electro galvanized steel coils
Density: 8.3 g/cm3
Hard degree: 36 to 46 HRC
Electrical conductivity: 23%IACS
Thermal conductivity: 160W(M.K)20
C Softening temperature >600 C
Elongation: 1%

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