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High quality structural steel

07/28/21 07:01:39
Posts: 4,887
Rabid Fan
High quality structural steel

This kind of steel must have both chemical composition and mechanical properties. The grade is the ten-thousandth fraction of the average mass fraction of carbon in the steel using two digits. For example, 45 steel means that the average mass fraction of carbon in the steel is 0.45%; 08 steel means that the average mass fraction of carbon in the steel is 0.08%.ASTM A500 Gr.B large diameter square seamless steel pipe mill
High quality carbon structural steel is mainly used to make machine parts. Heat treatment is generally required to improve mechanical properties.GALVANIZED SQUARE STEEL HOLLOW SECTION W
Depending on the mass fraction of carbon, there are different uses. 08, 08F, 10, 10F steel, high plasticity, toughness, has excellent cold formability and weldability, often cold rolled into sheet, used to make instrument shell, cold stamping parts on cars and tractors, such as car body, tractor cab, etc. 15, 20, 25 steel is used for making small size, light load, surface wear resistance, heart strength requirements are not high carburizing parts, such as piston pin, sample; 30, 35 and 40, 45, 50 steel after heat treatment (quenching and high temperature tempering) has good comprehensive mechanical properties, which has high strength and high plasticity, toughness, used to make shaft parts, for example, 40, 45 steel is often used in the manufacture of automobile and tractor crankshaft, connecting rod, general machine tools spindle, machine tool gear and other mechanical shaft parts; 55, 60, 65 steel heat treatment (quenching + moderate tempering) has a high elastic limit, often used for making load is not large, small size (section size is less than 12 ~ 15mm) of the spring, such as regulating pressure and speed spring, plunger spring, cold coil spring, etc.Warehouse Steel Structure USA

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