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Basic introduction of high chromium cast iron

07/05/21 04:20:42
Posts: 4,887
Rabid Fan
Basic introduction of high chromium cast iron

High chromium cast iron is the third generation wear-resistant material developed after ordinary white cast iron and nickel hard cast iron. High chromium cast iron has much higher toughness, high temperature strength, heat resistance and wear resistance than ordinary cast iron due to its own structure characteristics. High chromium cast iron has been regarded as the most excellent anti abrasive wear material, and has been widely used.
The good wear resistance of high chromium cast iron mainly depends on the type and distribution of matrix structure and carbide.china factory small diameter seamless steel tube
High chromium cast iron is a multicomponent alloy with Fe, Cr and C as basic components. The matrix of newly solidified high chromium cast iron is austenite, which is stable when heated to a higher temperature and saturated by C, Cr and other elements. When the temperature decreases, austenite will transform. Under normal conditions, high chromium cast iron presents a multiphase structure dominated by austenite, which can give full play to the potential of the material itself when used at high temperature.C45 Steel Specification From Steel Warehouse
High chromium cast iron is a kind of white cast iron with chromium content between 12% and 28%. Because of the large amount of chromium, the m3c carbide in white cast iron turns into M7C3 carbide. The carbide is very hard, which gives high chromium cast iron good wear resistance. On the other hand, M7C3 carbides are isolated in rod shape during solidification, which improves the toughness of high chromium cast iron to a certain extent.astm a53 erw weld small diameter steel pipe

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