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Microstructure of industrial pure aluminum

07/02/21 07:38:36
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Rabid Fan
Microstructure of industrial pure aluminum

Industrial pure aluminum can be regarded as an Al Fe Si alloy with low content of iron and silicon. In addition to needle like hard and brittle FeAl 3 and massive hard and brittle silicon spots, two ternary phases can be formed in the impurity phase. When Fe > Si, two ternary phases are formed α( Fe2sial8) phase; When Si > Fe, it is formed β( Fesial5) phase. Both phases are brittle compounds, and the latter is more harmful to plasticity. Therefore, Fe > Si is generally used in industrial pure aluminum.
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When Fe > Si, the crystallization temperature range can be reduced and the tendency of casting cracks can be reduced. When the ratio of Fe / Si is more than or equal to 2 ~ 3, the industrial pure aluminum sheet with fine grain and good stamping properties can be produced. It should be pointed out that iron and silicon mostly exist in the form of ternary compounds in industrial pure aluminum, and there are few opportunities for feal3 and free silicon.ss304 202 stainless steel pipe price list
Industrial pure aluminum has the general characteristics of aluminum, low density, good electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and good plastic processing performance. It can be processed into plate, strip, foil and extruded products, and can be used for gas welding, argon arc welding and spot welding. Industrial pure aluminum can not be strengthened by heat treatment, but its strength can be improved by cold deformation. The only form of heat treatment is annealing. The starting temperature of recrystallization is related to impurity content and deformation degree, which is generally about 200 ℃. Development of annealed sheet σ b=80~100MPa, σ 0.2=30~50MPa, ζ= 35%~40%,HB=25~30。
After 60% ~ 80% cold deformation, although it can be increased to 150 ~ 180MPa, it has no obvious effect ζ However, the value decreased to 1% - 1.5%. Increasing the content of iron and silicon impurities can improve the strength, but reduce the plasticity, conductivity and corrosion resistance. The mechanical properties of different cold work hardening states can be obtained by adjusting the annealing temperature or controlling the amount of cold deformation. In order to improve formability, the former method is better.
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