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easy to feed, and wood flour filled polymer melt viscosity increases, increase the extrusion difficult Degrees, causing the material stays in the cylinder longer, while its poor exhaust effect, high moisture content can not be processed plant fibers. Therefore,anti microbial engineered wood deck routine Single-screw extruder subject to greater restrictions in WPC extrusion. WPC can be used for forming a single-screw extruder must be specially designed Screw and should have a strong ability of material handling and mixing plastics,

and often the material prior to extrusion kneading granulation.The twin-screw extruder Currently WPC main processing equipment for the twin-screw extruder, it is because a twin-screw extruder, positive displacement principle rely on transportation of materials,comparison build floor pvc fence no pressure reflux, feeding Easy; exhaust effect, to fully exclude the volatile components of wood flour; screw intermeshing, strong shearing action of the mixing materials, plastics efficiency Fruit better.

Relatively low amount of flour, a short residence time in the twin screw, the flour will not scorch. Accordingly, since the twin-screw extruder good Feeding, mixing, use powder production WPC. decks and portable wood floor picturesTwin-screw extruder can be divided into parallel twin-screw extruder and counter-conical twin-screw extruder.parallel twin-screw extruder Often by the same two-stage-extruder parallel twin-screw extruder, the molten resin and wood flour dried separately. It can be processed plant fiber or wood flour, After the completion of flour and dried, and then mixed with the resin melt extruded continuously,

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