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Practical function of drilling machine

03/05/21 04:52:11
Posts: 4,845
Rabid Fan
Practical function of drilling machine

Drilling machine is a universal machine tool with a wide range of applications, which can drill, ream, ream, spot facer and tap thread. When the drilling machine is equipped with process equipment, it can also carry out boring. When the drilling machine is equipped with universal worktable, it can also carry out drilling, reaming and reaming.
Basic classification of drilling machines
Drilling machine is a machine tool mainly used to process holes (such as drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping, countersinking, etc.) on the workpiece. Machinery manufacturing and various repair factory essential equipment. According to the use and structure, it can be divided into the following categories.
The worktable and headstock can move vertically on the column, which is used to process small and medium-sized workpieces.
It is called bench drill for short. A small vertical drilling machine, with a maximum diameter of 12-15mm, is installed on the bench. It is mostly used for manual drilling, and is often used to process small holes of small workpieces.
Rocker type
The headstock can move on the rocker arm, the rocker arm can rotate and lift, and the workpiece can be fixed. It is suitable for processing large, heavy and porous workpieces, and is widely used in mechanical manufacturing.
Deep hole drilling machine
The specialized machine tools that use deep hole drill to drill holes whose depth is much larger than the diameter (such as the deep holes of gun barrel, barrel, machine tool spindle and other parts), in order to facilitate chip removal and avoid too large machine tools, are generally horizontal layout, and are equipped with coolant conveying device (input coolant from the inside of the tool to the cutting part) and periodic tool withdrawal chip removal device, etc.
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