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Heat resistant steel

12/09/20 03:46:39
Posts: 4,845
Rabid Fan
Heat resistant steel

Alloy steel with high strength and good chemical stability at high temperature. It includes two kinds of anti-oxidation steel (or high-temperature non skinning steel) and heat-resistant steel. Oxidation resistant steels generally require good chemical stability, but bear lower load. High temperature strength and corresponding oxidation resistance are required for hot strength steel. Heat resistant steel is often used in the manufacture of boiler, steam turbine, power machinery, industrial furnace, aviation, petrochemical and other industrial sectors working under high temperature. In addition to high temperature strength and high temperature oxidation corrosion resistance, these parts also require enough toughness, good machinability and weldability, and certain structural stability according to different applications. In addition, some new low chromium nickel anti-oxidation steels have been developed.
Heat resistant steels
Under high temperature conditions, steel with oxidation resistance, sufficient high temperature strength and good heat resistance is called heat resistant steel.Sch30 Thick Walled Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe For Construction
Heat resistant steel category
Heat resistant steels can be divided into oxidation resistant steels and heat-resistant steels according to their properties. The anti-oxidation steel is also referred to as the skin free steel. Hot strength steel is a kind of steel with good oxidation resistance and high temperature strength at high temperature.Tube UNS N10276 Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipe ASTM B622
Heat resistant steels can be divided into austenitic heat-resistant steels, martensitic heat-resistant steels, ferritic heat-resistant steels and Pearlite Heat-resistant Steels according to their normalizing structures.
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