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Gear pump model product technical parameters

09/14/20 03:21:45
Posts: 4,839
Rabid Fan
Gear pump model product technical parameters

Controlling the temperature rise of the working oil in the gear pump hydraulic system is an important part of reducing energy consumption and improving system efficiency. A change to the conventional throttle valve using an orifice plate or purely mechanical principle of reducing the area of ​​the watershed, using the relevant pilot valve to minimize the loss of energy during the throttling process, the valve combination-is a plate valve installed on the vertical plate The upper and back pipe connections of the board have the same function as the manifold.γ€€γ€€
The basic performance parameters of gear pumps The main performance parameters of hydraulic pumps are pressure P and flow Q (1) The output pressure of the pressure pump is determined by the load. When the load increases, the pressure of the pump increases, when the load decreases, the pressure of the pump decreases, and there is no pressure when there is no load. The servo system can make the position, speed, torque and other output parameters of the system terminal actuator accurately follow the change of the input. Servo systems include hydraulic servo systems, electrical servo systems, and pneumatic servo systems. At present, electrical servo systems are the most widely used. Overview of centralized lubrication system Lubrication refers to adding lubricant between the relative moving surfaces of the friction pair of mechanical equipment to form and maintain a proper lubricating oil film.
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