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Axial piston pump

09/10/20 01:55:41
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Rabid Fan
Axial piston pump

After working for a long time, or improper operation and maintenance, the axial piston pump often fails. The following Hengyu Hydraulics will briefly introduce several common faults and cause analysis of the axial piston pump.
1. Insufficient output flow or no oil at all: Inhalation resistance is large or air is inhaled; shaft stress is not good; return spring or return disk is damaged; there is dirt between the valve plate and cylinder body; the plunger or plunger hole is damaged; The position of the variable mechanism is wrong; the oil temperature is too high; the assembly is not good.
2 The pressure does not increase or does not increase at all: the aforementioned insufficient flow may be caused; the variable mechanism is not well adjusted; other reasons.
3. The pump noise is large and the pressure fluctuates greatly: air is sucked; the variable piston movement is not flexible; the triangle groove angle is too small; the rigidity of the variable mechanism is small; the sliding shoe and the ball head fit loosely; the variable mechanism leaks large.
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