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Centrifugal pump rotating parts

08/07/20 04:31:04
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Rabid Fan
Centrifugal pump rotating parts


1 Impeller (also known as working wheel)
The call wheel is the main part of the water pump, or even the core part of the water pump. The centrifugal system relies on the high-speed rotation of the impeller
Switch to water to achieve energy transfer.
The n1 wheel of the screw pump is composed of two circular cover plates. If there is a 1: a piece of curved blade between the cover plates, the two
The cover plates are connected together, and the space groove enclosed by two adjacent blades and the front and rear cover plates is called the flow of water.
The shape and size of the impeller are determined by experiments and calculations. Generally, it can be divided into leather suction impeller and double suction impeller.
The front cover of the impeller has a round hole for water intake, which is called a single suction impeller.
Suction impeller.
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