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Superposition valve classification introduction

08/06/20 08:45:00
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Rabid Fan
Superposition valve classification introduction

Disassembly steps and installation instructions of hydraulic motor
The clearance of each movement pair of the hydraulic motor has been matched well, and the user is not allowed to replace the parts at will. In general, do not disassemble the motor at will, only in case of serious failure, we need to agree with our company before disassembly inspection.
(1) Preparation before disassembly
1. Remove the drain plug and drain the oil in the motor housing.
2. Loosen 5 screws on the oil pan and remove the oil pan.
3 take out the oil distribution plate, locating ring, cushion block, cylindrical pin and double headed key.
Note: in order to prevent the change of rotation direction after reassembly, mark the end face of output shaft and oil distribution plate in the same direction.
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Aluminum alloy heat treatment characteristics and principle
Technical requirements for TD heat treatment
Heat treatment continuous gas analysis

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