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Is the heat treatment process of experimental...

04/29/20 09:29:24
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Rabid Fan
Is the heat treatment process of experimental electric furnace complicated

What is the gasification reaction of the experimental furnace fuel

Atmospheric pressure fixed experimental furnace, generally block anthracite or bituminous coal and coke as raw materials, with steam or steam and air mixed gas as gasification agent, the production of carbon monoxide and hydrogen as the main combustible components of gasification gas.

The gasification reaction of solid fuel in the experimental electric furnace is divided into five layers according to the characteristics of the production process in the furnace. Dry distillation layer -- under the dry layer, due to the temperature conditions similar to that of the distillate, the fuel will undergo cold decomposition, and volatiles and other dry distillation products will be released into coke, which will be transferred from the dry distillation layer to the gasification layer for cold chemical reaction. Gasification layer -- the main area of gasification process in the furnace, where the carbon in the fuel and gasification agent undergo intense chemical reactions. Due to the different reaction conditions, the gasification layer can also be divided into oxidation layer and reduction layer. A stationary experimental furnace produces gas by first passing air through the fuel layer and then cooling the carbon and oxygen to raise the temperature. The steam and air are then mixed through the fuel layer, and the carbon reacts with the steam and oxygen to produce gas.

Based on the chemical reaction principle in the gasification stage of the experimental electric furnace, it is hoped that conditions conducive to steam decomposition and carbon dioxide reduction reaction can be formed, so it can be considered that it is beneficial to increase the thickness and temperature of the gasification layer, and to reduce the steam flow rate appropriately. In the chemical reaction between carbon and steam, increasing the thickness of the gasification layer and reducing the airflow speed can accelerate the reaction speed, increase the content of carbon monoxide and increase the steam decomposition rate.
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