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The water cooling device in the experimental...

04/24/20 05:33:04
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Rabid Fan
The water cooling device in the experimental furnace can prolong the service life

Water cooling device: the shell, cover, electric heating element, water-cooling electrode, middle vacuum insulation door and other components of the vacuum heat treatment furnace are all working under vacuum and heating conditions. In this extremely unfavorable condition, it is necessary to ensure that the structure of each component is not deformed or damaged, and the vacuum sealing ring is not overheated or burnt. Therefore, each component should be equipped with water-cooling device according to different conditions to ensure that the vacuum heat treatment furnace can operate normally and have sufficient service life.
Using low voltage and high current: when the vacuum degree is within the range of several torrs and one lxlo-1 Torr, the electrified conductor in the vacuum vessel will produce glow discharge under high voltage. In the vacuum heat treatment furnace, serious arc discharge will burn down the electric heating elements and heat insulation layer, causing major accidents and losses. Therefore, the working voltage of the electric heating elements of the vacuum heat treatment furnace is generally no more than 80-100 v. At the same time, effective measures should be taken in the structural design of electric heating elements, such as avoiding the parts with tips as far as possible, and the spacing between electrodes should not be too small to prevent the generation of glow discharge or arc discharge.

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