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What's the point of the PEEK board

03/19/20 03:35:09
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Rabid Fan
What's the point of the PEEK board

Why is the PEEK plate annealed? What is the meaning of the annealed PEEK plate?

: what is the annealing process of the so-called annealing process is actually put material in the oven or an oven roasted, this is a process with the polymer materials need to deal with, as we all know is the steel has good extension performance of material should be after annealing treatment, its purpose is mainly a material prestress to eliminate or reduce, improve or enhance the comprehensive performance of materials performance. The annealing process of PEEK material is not consistent with that of different manufacturers, and the types and properties of this material are related to each other.

Advantages after annealing treatment: PEEK plate is a kind of polymer, semi-crystalline thermoplastic engineering plastic, the vitrification temperature is close to 150℃, was once considered expensive plastic in the early days; PEEK plate is generally extruded after molding through the oven heating and baking molding, just extruded PEEK plate due to the sudden low temperature after the mold mouth will produce a slight deformation of the plate surface or radian, affecting the experience of the use of the profile terminal. So must pass the heating after the way to make the plate become more flat; Because PEEK material is a high temperature resistant polymer special plastic, the molecular prestress inside the extrusion molding, the rigidity of the material is not eliminated, will affect the use and processing of the plate; The time that general oven roasts should not be too long, also should not be too paragraph, time is long the change that can produce plank deformation with molecular structure; Short baking time, will cause the elimination of molecular stress is not clean, will leave hidden trouble to the cutting, machining; There may even be defects in the work performance of certain parts. The length of control time plays a crucial role in the performance of PEEK plate. After good annealing process, the material's molecular stress is basically eliminated, which plays a great role in the processing of the plate behind, deep processing, profile carving, mainly reflected in: after annealing treatment of the plate, the plate surface is more flat, toughness and strength is more superior; The second is to cut PEEK plate will not appear irregular cracks or incision collapse, crack, machine tool processing will not appear a large range of deformation, cracking. This is one of the reasons why peek plate should be annealed.

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