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Be careful with plastic bags

01/20/20 07:24:26
Posts: 4,820
Rabid Fan
Be careful with plastic bags

There are strict laws and regulations on plastic packaging bags for food packaging in foreign countries, which stipulate that ordinary plastic packaging bags for food cannot be used to contain food with a temperature above 50 ℃; the highest temperature that can be reached must be indicated on the food packaging. There is no such regulation in China, which leads to some unqualified plastic packaging bags do great harm to health.
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1. During lunch time, we often see people carrying plastic bags to pack food. Most of these plastic packaging bags do not have QS certification. A considerable part of them are made of recycled plastics such as medical waste. Dye may be added during production, some of them contain organic dyes, and many of them contain aromatics.
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2. Some of them are for hygiene to avoid the spread of bacteria, but if the unqualified plastic bags are decomposed by heat, the harm will be greater. This method is actually not feasible. The most sanitary and safe method is to disinfect the tableware or bring the tableware.
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