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Plastic packaging bag for food

01/19/20 07:58:37
Posts: 4,820
Rabid Fan
Plastic packaging bag for food

Plastic packaging bags for food are often used in people's life, but we must be careful when using them. Some plastic packaging bags are toxic and can not be used to directly contain food.
1、 Eye observation
The nontoxic plastic bag is white, transparent or slightly transparent, with even texture; the toxic plastic bag is colored or white, but the transparency is poor, turbid, and the plastic surface is stretched unevenly, with small particles.
2、 Listen with your ears
When shaking the plastic bag with your hand, it will make a clear and crisp sound, indicating that it is a non-toxic plastic bag, while the sound is small and stuffy is a toxic plastic bag.Best Price FuRong Cosmetic Packaging Box
3、 Touch by hand
Touch the surface of plastic packaging bag with hand, it is smooth and non-toxic; sticky, astringent and waxy are toxic.
4、 Sniff with the nose
Nontoxic plastic bags are tasteless; those with irritating smell or abnormal taste are poisonous.Wholesale Customized Paper Flat Small Folding Cardboard Gift Box With Ribbon
5、 Submergence test method
Put the plastic bag into the water, press it to the bottom of the water by hand, wait a moment, the plastic bag that emerges from the water is non-toxic, and the plastic bag that sinks in the water is toxic.
6、 Combustion method
The nontoxic plastic bag is inflammable, the flame tip is yellow, and the local part is cyan. When burning, it drips like candle tears, with the smell of paraffin. The toxic plastic bag is not easy to burn, and it will be extinguished when it leaves the fire. The flame tip is yellow or black, and the bottom is green, which softens and can be brushed, and can also smell a pungent smell.Handmade Cardboard Cylinder Packaging Box

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