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Plastic absorbing material

12/27/19 05:40:54
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Rabid Fan
Plastic absorbing material

The raw materials of the Blister products are only plastic sheet, and the film thickness is generally no more than 1.5mm. The commonly used sheet materials are PVC, pet, PP, PS, flocking sheet, gold-plated sheet and anti-static sheet on this basis.
The most commonly used plastic absorbing material is soft, strong toughness and good plasticity, which can be made into transparent and various colors
Transparent PVC packaging electronics, cosmetics, toy gifts and other products.Paper Craft Decorative Indian Sweet Dessert Storage Candy Box Wedding Groom Bride Packaging Sweet Chocolate Strawberry Boxes
It is hard, tough, high strength, bright surface, environment-friendly and non-toxic, with transparent and multi-color sheets. The disadvantage is that pet high cycle heat sealing is difficult, and the price is much more expensive than PVC. This material is often replaced by high-grade and environmental protection users
It has small density (light weight), environmental protection and non-toxic, very good plasticity, poor toughness and brittleness, so it can not be made into transparent material, so it can only be made into bottom bracket type blister, because it is easy to crack, this kind of blister is not suitable for recycling
It is made of soft material, good toughness, environmental friendly, non-toxic and high temperature resistant. It is often made into the packaging of dining utensils or other high temperature resistant products. However, its plasticity is poor, the processing is difficult, the surface gloss is poor, and the color will be lighter when processing.Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Cards Kit For Marriage Engagement Birthday Bridal Shower
The physical properties are similar to a-pet, but it can be heated at high cycle. Its price is 80% more expensive than a-pet100g Frosted Cylindrical Serum Skincare Glass Storage Aluminum Jar For Makeup

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