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Blister packaging box

12/26/19 08:51:36
Posts: 4,835
Rabid Fan
Blister packaging box

The raw materials of blister packaging box mainly include PVC, PS, PP, pet, PETG and flocking, antistatic, conductive and other materials.
A general term for the production of plastic products by a commonly used plastic absorption process for packaging and the packaging of products by corresponding equipment. After high temperature heating, the sheet of the blister packaging box is vacuum aspirated and cooled to form a plastic box.
Common raw materials
The raw materials of blister packaging box mainly include PVC, PS, PP, pet, PETG and flocking, antistatic, conductive and other materials.
Specific production process:
1: Mold making and processing
2: The mold is softened after being dried completely.
3: Place the softened plastic sheet and the wooden cabinet in the vacuum chamber, turn on the suction switch, and suck out the air in the vacuum chamber. After the plastic sheet is cooled, the same concave packaging or process mould as the mould can be obtained.Customize High Quality Wine Glass Box Packaging Paper Box
4: Packing and finishing of blister. Shanghai Minxing plastic packaging Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of customized blister boxes
Plastic suction mold
There are three kinds of blister molds: gypsum mold, electroplated copper mold and aluminum mold
Plaster mold
The plaster mold is carved in the semi wet state, and then dried to form a mold. The cost of the plaster mold is low and easy to modify, but the accuracy of the plaster mold is not high enough, the surface is not smooth, fragile and durable. Therefore, it is often used to play a feint, to make electroplated copper mold or some small batch production with low requirements
Plastic mold.Decorative Collapsible Rectangular Fabric Storage Bin Organizer Basket With Handles For Clothes Storage Toy Organizer
Electroplating copper mold
After the sample is made of gypsum mold, the plating of a layer of copper shell is the plating copper mold. The cost is higher than that of gypsum mold, but it is much cheaper than that of aluminum mold. Because of the advantages of clean and durable surface and low cost, the plating copper mold is the most commonly used blister mold.
Aluminum mold
The aluminum ingot is processed by machine (lathe, milling machine, CNC, etc.). Aluminum mold has high precision, smooth surface and durability, but the price is very expensive. Aluminum mold is generally used in Blister products with high precision requirements that copper mold cannot reach.Custom Pink Matte 10x10 Cardboard Paper Gift Box With Logo Gold Stamping

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