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Industrial machinery and equipment

03/07/19 04:00:15
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Rabid Fan
Industrial machinery and equipment

Industrial machinery and equipment is another major application market in which copper tends to have a longer service life. Coins and arms are the main end users in this respect. Bullets are rarely recycled, some coins can melt, and many are kept by collectors or savers and cannot be recycled. [1] In the manufacture of machinery and transport vehicles, it is used to manufacture industrial valves and accessories, instruments, sliding bearings, moulds, heat exchangers and pumps, etc.unequal 60 degree slotted steel angle bar standard sizes
In the chemical industry, it is widely used in the manufacture of vacuum, distillation pot, brewing pot and so on.
In the national defense industry, it is used to manufacture bullets, shells, gun parts and so on. For every 3 million rounds of bullets produced, 13-14 tons of copper are needed.
In the construction industry, it is used for various pipes, pipe fittings, decorative devices and so on.
Medical SciencePrecision Casting Stainless Steel Clamping Pipe Fittings Clamping Band
In medicine, the bactericidal effect of copper has long been recognized. Since the 1950s, copper has also been found to have very good medical applications. Later, Mexican scientists also found that copper has anti-cancer function. In the new century, British researchers have found that copper has a strong bactericidal effect. It is believed that in the near future, copper will make a great contribution to the improvement of human health.
organic chemistry
Organic copper-lithium compounds are important organometallic compounds in organic chemistry.
Sanitary Decorate Polish Stainless Steel Tube 32Mm Welded Round Piped

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