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Self-priming centrifugal pump

03/07/19 01:40:48
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Rabid Fan
Self-priming centrifugal pump

The self-priming pump is a single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump that generates self-priming by the special structure of the pump itself, and is called a self-priming centrifugal pump. Compared with ordinary centrifugal pumps, there are significant differences in the structure of the pump body: first, the pump inlet position is increased, and sometimes the suction valve is installed; second, a gas-water separation chamber is arranged on the water outlet side.
The self-priming pump outside the pump is equipped with a self-priming device, such as a vortex pump, a water ring vacuum pump, a jet pump, and a hand pump.
Compared with the ordinary centrifugal pump, the self-priming pump has the advantages of compact structure and simple operation, which not only saves the trouble of pouring a large amount of water before starting, but also saves the inlet valve low valve, reduces the water inlet resistance, and increases the pump water output. However, it is 3% to 5% lower than the efficiency of a common centrifugal pump of the same specification. The self-priming pumps are mostly used in light and small sprinkler irrigation units and pipeline irrigation units.
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