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Main features of plastic steel profiles

03/05/19 09:51:13
Posts: 4,815
Rabid Fan
Main features of plastic steel profiles

Model steel profile abbreviation model steel, main chemical composition is PVC, because this also calls PVC profile. Is a new type of widely used building materials, due to its physical properties such as rigidity, elasticity, corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance is excellent, usually used as a good substitute for copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.
In the building construction is mainly used for pushing and pulling, flat open doors and Windows, guardrail, pipe and ceiling material application, through the new process processing is also widely used in the automobile engine protection plate, not only light weight, but also good toughness, with the excellent properties of steel, sometimes also known as alloy plastic steel.
Model steel profile can the promotion of large area is applicable, replace lignin and aluminous door window stage by stage, with its distinctive advantage cannot depart. Compared with aluminum and wooden doors and Windows, plastic steel doors and Windows have the following advantages:
1. It is cheap, and the price of plastic is much lower than that of aluminum, which has the same strength and life span.
2. Rich colors: the application of colored plastic steel profiles adds a lot of beauty to the building. Use wooden door window before, in order to achieve door window and building exterior harmony are consistent, spray paint is more in door window surface, paint encounters ultraviolet ray to peel easily, did not use a few years to be beyond the picture, with the life of the building very inharmonious. Later, colorful aluminum doors and Windows were invented, but they were too expensive for ordinary consumers to afford. Of plastic door window use solved this problem, chromatic stick film profile to be able to make the wood grain effect that distinguish the genuine from the genuine even.
3 durable: in the profile cavity to add reinforced steel, so that the profile strength has been greatly improved, with seismic, wind erosion resistance. In addition, the multi-cavity structure of profiles, independent drainage cavities, so that water can not enter the enhanced cavities, avoid steel corrosion, the service life of Windows and doors has been improved. The addition of ultraviolet component also makes the weather resistance of model steel profile gets rise, although ultraviolet ray is very strong, tropical area also can use at ease.Type Of Roofing Sheets
4. Good thermal insulation performance: the thermal conductivity of plastic steel profiles is far less than that of aluminum profiles. In addition, the design of multi-cavity structure achieves the effect of thermal insulation. Studies have shown that the same type of room use window of model steel door of the room in summer indoor temperature than average low aluminum doors and Windows of the room 5-7 ℃, winter 8 to 15 ℃ higher than that of different regions.
5. Good sound insulation: plastic steel doors and Windows with good insulating glass sealing have sound insulation. Sound insulation has become the main condition for choosing doors and Windows, especially in the residential areas in the downtown area. Window of model steel door is assembled use welding craft, add close much cavity structure, the screen that closes to noise action is very apparent.Scaffold Galvanized Pipe 6 Meter
With the extensive use of plastic steel profiles, some shortcomings are also exposed. Lead salt stabilizer is used in most inferior profiles of plastic steel in China, and the lead content of finished products is between 0.6% and 1.2%. Lead is a kind of material that is harmful to human body, when inferior profile is ageing, can precipitate out to contain lead dust, after long-term contact, can make the lead content in blood exceeds standard, even lead poisoning. The introduced calcium zinc and organotin formula solved the problem of lead in products, but due to price reasons and immature technology, it has not been widely used.1.2Mm grueso 4 * 8 hoja de acero inoxidable grado 304

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