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Partial metal use

03/05/19 07:47:18
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Rabid Fan
Partial metal use

Metallic elements are the main body of chemical elements and the main material resources for people's production and life.
Tungsten (W) of all metal elements, tungsten is the most difficult to melt and volatile metal elements. Tungsten is mainly used in the manufacture of alloy steel; Pure tungsten is mainly used in the manufacture of lamp tungsten wire, but also used in electronic instruments, optical instruments.Pernos De Resorte De Acero Inoxidable DIN 7346
Chromium (Cr) chromium is a silver-white metal, extremely hard, with corrosion resistance, used for electroplating and the manufacture of special steel. In this century, when the hard nature of chromium was studied, its corrosion resistance was discovered, and stainless steel was born. At present, stainless steel and chrome plated products have been widely used in medical devices, drinking utensils, tableware and other fields.
Manganese (Mn) pure manganese is hard and brittle, difficult to be used in production and life, but the manganese alloy has a wide range of applications. Manganese steel is both hard and tough, is the manufacture of rail, bearings, the ideal material for deck.Cuadrado ERW Tubo de acero Precio por tonelada
Lithium is the lightest metallic element with the largest specific heat. Lithium is not only used in the manufacture of ultralight alloys and lithium batteries, but also is an important material for advanced technology. Lithium alloy can greatly reduce weight and reduce energy consumption in the aerospace industry, and plays an important role in the atomic energy industry. In metallurgical industry, lithium is often used as deoxidizer and degasifier to eliminate the pores and bubbles in metal castings.
The specific strength of titanium (the ratio of strength to specific gravity) is the highest among all metal elements. Titanium and titanium as the main alloy is a new type of structural materials, hard and light, mainly used in the manufacture of aircraft, submarines, corrosion resistant chemical equipment and various mechanical parts. In titanium alloy - 253 ~ 500 ° C temperature range, can maintain a high strength, is the ideal space material. In steelmaking, a small amount of titanium is also a good deoxidizing, denitrifying and desulfurizing agent.DN10-200 Professional Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting

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