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Enteral nutrition infusion pump precautions

12/05/18 10:06:11
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Enteral nutrition infusion pump precautions

1. The enteral nutrition infusion pump is specially designed for enteral nutrition support and cannot be used for other purposes (such as drug infusion) or replaced by infusion pumps for other purposes. Due to the specialized design of the enteral nutrition infusion pump, the personnel involved in the enteral nutrition infusion pump must receive special training.
2. Under normal use, the infusion pump is powered by AC power, but it is also equipped with a spare battery. Be careful to keep the battery fully charged.
3. Different enteral infusion pumps differ in terms of infusion rate and total infusion due to differences in structure and function. Care should be taken to correct the infusion rate and total infusion before use.
4. The infusion pump should be regularly maintained and kept clean to ensure proper operation of the equipment.
5. Usually replace the pump tube once every 24 hours.
6. Special emphasis should be placed on the fact that the nurse must closely observe the patient's condition and the patient's response to the enteral nutrient solution infusion. No infusion pump and related equipment can be substituted for the above work.

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