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Dental porcelain furnace

11/08/18 07:02:12
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Rabid Fan
Dental porcelain furnace

Step 1: Open the power switch and press ESC after 8-10 seconds self-examination. 2. Input the process of firing the porcelain powder into the computer of the porcelain stove and represent the program with the numbers. 3, before firing porcelain, the furnace should be preheated for 15-30 minutes at low temperature.
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4. Put the piled porcelain teeth on the porcelain pallet and place them in the furnace. 5, press the number key to select the representative program, and start running according to the green (S) key. 6. After the operation of the program, the furnace is automatically raised and the porcelain teeth or metal are taken out to press the key to close the hearth.HTHV Tube Furnace
Dental porcelain furnace maintenance 1, every time after the end of the work to clean the furnace. 2, regular maintenance. 3. When the porcelain-fused-to-metal furnace is not in use, the furnace should be closed, so as to prevent the furnace from absorbing moisture and affecting the vacuum. 4. Clean the furnace and use suction to remove dust. 5, use soft cloth to wipe the control panel and circuit board.
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