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Characteristics of sewage pumps

11/08/18 06:56:31
Posts: 4,780
Rabid Fan
Characteristics of sewage pumps

1. With advanced technology, it has strong discharge capacity and no blockage. It can effectively pass through solid particles with diameters of 30-80 mm.
2. The tearing mechanism can tear and cut off the fibre material, and then discharge smoothly without adding a filter screen to the pump.
3, the design is reasonable, the matching motor power is small, the energy saving effect is remarkable.Pmt Type Gasoline Water Pump Wp30X
4, with the latest material mechanical seal, the pump can run safely and continuously for more than 8000 hours.
5, compact structure, easy to move, simple installation, can reduce the project cost, no need to build a pump house.Horizontal Self Priming Water Pump With Diesel Engine
6, it can be used in the whole lift range to ensure that the motor will not be overloaded.
7. The float sky can automatically control the start and stop of the pump according to the required water level change without special supervision.Portable Oil Free Vacuum Pump
8. The automatic installation system of double guideways has brought great convenience to installation and maintenance, so that people do not have to enter or leave the sewage pit for this purpose.
9. Equipped with automatic protection control box, the leakage, water leakage and overload of the product are effectively protected, which improves the safety and reliability of the product.

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