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The principle of injection pump

11/08/18 06:12:16
Posts: 4,779
Rabid Fan
The principle of injection pump

When working, the MCU system sends out control pulses to make the stepper motor rotate, and the stepper motor drives the screw rod to turn the rotation motion into linear motion, which promotes the injection.
The piston of the ejector is injected and transfusions to achieve high precision, smooth and pulsating liquid transmission. The injection speed can be set by the operator through keyboard operation. After the injection pump is started, CPU provides motor drive voltage by means of D/A conversion. The motor rotation detection circuit is a set of photoelectric coupling circuits, which generates a pulse signal through the motor rotation. The pulse signal is fed back to the CPU, and the CPU controls the motor voltage according to this feedback, so as to obtain the set speed.
Classification of injection pumps
It can be divided into medical and non-medical, laboratory micro-injection pump and industrial injection pump according to their uses. It can be divided into single channel and multi-channel according to the number of channels.
All kinds of pictures of injection pumps are displayed.
All kinds of pictures of injection pumps are displayed (8 sheets).
According to the working mode, it can be divided into single push-pull mode and two-way push-pull mode. According to the structure, it can be divided into separate mode and combination mode, and so on.
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