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innovation of science

11/08/18 03:57:17
Posts: 4,779
Rabid Fan
innovation of science

turn make, innovation of science and technology, development market, make forest products industry, diversified economy gets further progress, forest products using composite boards for playground border industry realizes total production value six hundred and twenty-one million and forty thousand yuan, grow 5.1% , profit realizes sixty-one million one hundred and sixty-five thousand yuan, grow 3.9% ; Diversified economy realizes total production value o

ne billion three hundred and forty-five million two hundred and sixty-three thousand yuan, grow 10.5% , profit realizes 35.72 million yuan, grow 33.9% . In specific work, composite panel ceiling materials the key has called 5 campaign. One, rely on science and technology, stress a focal point, had hit expand dimensions of forest products industry and deciduous leaf pine are profound treatment product upgrades battle. The key catchs good technical re

formation, supply in raw material on implementation transforms 3 times, get on past reputation namely use lave to machine Xiang Zhen to using lave to machine change; wood panel bench with backrest plans Use substandard material to machine to use etc inside material machines change; Produce pure in the past profit oneself with the enterprise raw material to use foreign raw material to transform. In the meantime, want to catch good product to quality ma

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