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Horizontal single stage single suction fire pump

10/09/18 03:25:21
Posts: 4,789
Rabid Fan
Horizontal single stage single suction fire pump

XBD - W type horizontal fire pump set for conveying water without solid particles and the physical and chemical properties similar to water in the liquid, it is mainly used for fire protection system for pressurized water supply in pipeline, also can be applied to industrial and urban water supply and drainage, pressurized water supply in high-rise buildings, distant distance water, cold and hot water circulation, pressurization in heating, bathrooms and boilers, water supply in air-conditioning and refrigeration system and supporting equipment, etc.
piston vacuum pump for various applications
Horizontal single stage single suction fire pump, fire booster pump -- product features:
1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance and small floor space.
liquid ring vacuum pump application process introduction
2. Smooth operation, low noise, high component concentricity.
3. Adopt advanced hydraulic model with high efficiency and excellent performance.
4. The shaft seal adopts high-quality mechanical seal, which has the characteristics of anti-wear, no leakage and long service life.
5. The pump inlet is horizontal and the outlet is vertical upward structure, which is convenient for piping arrangement.
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Applications

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