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Continuous positive furnace of axle in forged...

03/22/18 02:16:42
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Rabid Fan
Continuous positive furnace of axle in forged and smelter workshop of vehicle factory

The axle continuous positive furnace is one of the main equipment in the forging and smelting workshop of the vehicle factory, which is mainly used for heat treatment after the train axle is heated and forged. In the product design, it is required to achieve the purpose of improving the output of the product, reducing the energy consumption and prolonging the life of the furnace. The main problem of this oil before the transformation in the operation process of the equipment are: high fuel consumption, low efficiency, serious environmental pollution. The trouble caused by the push steel track is many, the maintenance is difficult and the production is seriously affected. The degree of automation is low and can only be operated by experience. The rate of waste is high, usually around 12%.Build a Jet Pump
The continuous positive furnace of the axle of the forging and smelting workshop of the vehicle factory is a medium industrial kiln with long strip shape. The normalizing temperature process curves, vehicle factory forging workshop is the axle continuous stove fuel sub high speed burner, heating one side, under the flue, bricks, vault, no heat recovery equipment and automatic control system, the nozzle is not good, serious blockage caused by flue long-term, lead to more bad combustion conditions, flue gas to carry large amounts of unburned carbon emitted by the door, serious damage to the environment of the workshop and the health of workers, but also greatly reduces the combustion efficiency. The heavy loss of fuel caused great waste. Under the maintenance of clean flue, the factory is also very difficult, and this situation is caused by the temperature inside the furnace is not balanced, and only rely on the working temperature monitoring observation of workpiece color, with experience, the diameter of the workpiece is large, single side heating, often heated uneven, not burning, is not working, or with the heat treatment temperature process curves do not match, the reject rate is generally around 12%. Axles are the key parts of locomotives. Once unqualified products are installed on locomotives, they will produce unthinkable consequences and great loss of lives and property.
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