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11/14/17 12:36:11
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Rabid Fan router interface opening becomes my e home solution open is my e home, how to become a router login interface? huawei transmission device sdh pdh equipment huawei optix metro 100 Why did I import in the browser and open my e home login interface instead of the login interface of the router? How can you open the login interface of the router? my e home is actually the login interface of the telecom light cat. When I open, my e home appears instead of the router interface, probably because of the following reasons. 1, 2, the router is not properly connected router and light cat IP conflict 3 router, IP is not a, the router is not properly connected common error connection: when connected to the router, the router connected to the telecommunication light cat LAN (1\2\3\4) interface; computer network cable connection LAN (1\2\3\4) interface. After this connection, when opening the, my e home page will appear, not the router. correct connection way: Telecom light cat, please connect the router to the router's WAN interface; computer connect to the router's LAN (1\2\3\4) interface with the network cable. After this connection, enter in the browser, open theOriginal New Huawei Ma5616 Ccub Borad 48 Ports Mini Vdsl Dslam interface. two, router and light cat IP conflict also has a situation, also can cause to open is my e home, not the router page, that is the router and telecom light cat IP conflict. Telecom cat's IP address default is:, if your router's IP address is also; this time there is IP conflict this problem, may lead to open, appear my e home, not the router page. The solution to the conflict between router and Telecom Optical cat IP address is to modify the router's IP address 1, unplug the router WAN interface, connect the light cat's cable, and only connect the computer to the router's LAN interface. important instructions: set the router, does not need the computer to access the Internet; as long as the computer is connected to the router router LAN interface, you can open the router settings page, set up the router. 2, at this time in the browser input, you can open the login window of the router, landing on the router settings page. 3, in the router settings page, find “ LAN port set ” (LAN settings, internal network settings), the IP address is modified to:, as shown in the following picture. After 4, modifying the router's IP address, the router's WAN interface is connected to the light cat. important instructions: after , please use the modified IP address to open the login interface of the router. In this case, you need to input in the browser:, you can open the router interface. three, router IP is not 1, check the router default login address , many people believe that no matter what the router's IP, are But in fact, different routers, IP addresses are not the same. there are many manufacturers of routers, no longer use IP address, but with the domain name, for example: version of the TP-Link router login address is: version of mercury router login address is: new fast router login address is: so, exactly how much please confirm your this router's default login address? You can see the login address information of the router in the bottom tag of the router, as shown in the figure below. 2, router IP has been modified , the above second steps, has introduced the router's IP address can be modified, and introduces the specific method of modification. additionally, some routers automatically modify their IP addresses when they detect IP conflicts. either manually modify the router's IP address, or the router automatically modify the IP address; as long as the router's IP address is modified, we will use the modified IP address, in order to open the login interface of the router. if the router's IP has been modified, but continue to use the IP login, it is possible to open my e home (Telecom light cat) login interface. to see the router's real IP: correct connection router, you can look at the computer's IP address information, to determine the router current real IP address, as shown in the following picture. “ IPv4 default gateway ” the IP address behind the option:, which is the real IP address of the router. if you don't know how to view the IP address information in the computer, can search the tutorial: computer the machine IP address checking method is my IP address of the router is modified into, now in the browser input, can open the router login interface. above is is my e home, rather than the router interface solution, we according to the above 3 aspects of investigation, modify, asa-ssp-20-k8= cisco asa5585 series firewall cisco asa 5585-x processor-20 this problem can be solved.

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