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to promote a wooden floor revolution

11/14/17 09:04:09
Posts: 4,638
Rabid Fan
to promote a wooden floor revolution

"Tournament" symbolizes surpassing and going forward. "Wiener" shows that we meet all kinds of challenges through absorbing all talents and symbolizing Sivinena as a united and progressive team and a team with a good work environment. We know that Venus is a perfect artwork,
and we also want our Severna flooring to be as perfect as Venus. "Severna" means we have to do what our predecessors have never done before. We want to create an unprecedented beauty. We hope to promote a wooden floor revolution. Home search room: a very far-reaching implication ah.
How did Sevina start its market positioning? Why do you think of the Italian Empire International Building Materials Group (China) Co., Ltd. cooperation? Ai Liangdong: Our product positioning is in the high-end. The production of the floor has always been dominated by Europe,
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