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qualified floor life can reach more

08/11/17 13:21:14
Posts: 4,247
Rabid Fan
qualified floor life can reach more

or even all the replacement of the new floor, virtually increased a lot of costs. "Dewey NCD no corner processing technology," the effective solution to the edge of the edge easy to wear, whitening and other old issues, in maintaining the long-term aesthetic on the basis of the floor to effectively extend the life of the floor,
greatly reducing the cost of consumers The As an example, if the consumer to use 100 yuan / square meter to buy the floor for 4 years (mostly because the corner is worn, if the corner is not a problem, qualified floor life can reach more than a decade), then His unit to use the cost is 25 yuan / year square meters.
if the consumer to 100 yuan / square meter to buy the floor for 8 years, then his unit cost is 12.5 yuan / year square meters. These two kinds of the same price of the floor comparison, in the use of "Dewey NCD no corner processing technology", the same 100 square meters of floor, consumers can save 3750 yuan.
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