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precious thing, usually on the boat

08/11/17 12:47:01
Posts: 4,247
Rabid Fan
precious thing, usually on the boat

the integrity of Shandong, authentic good ship wood a hundred years old, made. The following test method to teach you a simple old ship wood density hardness, many southern old ship wood furniture made of wood you can use thumb press slide after fingernail scratches imprinting, and all our old ship wood furniture made of wood is high density hardness of authentic old wooden ship, no matter how do you row
hard is not possible fingernail scratches. This is one of the simplest methods of checking and contrasting references. Xiaobian summary: more than six ancient wood furniture fraud methods, I hope you remember that can help you identify boat wood furniture or. If you want to know more of the boat wood furniture knowledge, welcome attention to the house decoration network.Also called yellow
rosewood dalbergia wood, mainly in Hainan, Vietnam, Lao Guo, pleasant fragrance, texture varied and vivid, is the preferred material for furniture. Now on the market a lot of yellow rosewood species, how to identify the real yellow rosewood? Do not hurry to find out. 1, look at ribbon stripes, Huanghua pear coarse grain, texture and more straight, heartwood is bright red, brown and reddish brown, from the
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