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wood flooring accessories and accessories

04/20/17 05:10:40
Posts: 3,889
Rabid Fan
wood flooring accessories and accessories

Warning two: strengthen the quality of wood flooring accessories and accessories and the floor itself is equally important From the recent years of consumer complaints and quality testing to reflect the situation,natural composite pellet mill with the strengthening of the popularity of wood flooring and consumer awareness of the rights increase, the current majority of consumers In the purchase of the floor quality, especially on environmental and health indicators are very concerned about, but the floor of the accessories and accessories in the quality of the problem did not pay enough attention. plastic joist and posts in HongKong Beichen District, Tianjin, Ms. Wang in the use of the floor found in the use of ground odor, the authority of the department after the identification of its floor in line with quality requirements, but the skirting board for low-cost low-quality products, resulting in odor.
Authoritative analysis: Compared with the floor itself, accessories and accessories (such as: skirting board, buckle, mats, glue, etc.) accounted for a small proportion of low prices,composite lumber southern california the role easily overlooked. Experts, accessories and accessories directly affect the quality of the quality of the floor pavement, the overall effect, service life and comprehensive prices. Therefore, the proposed consumer in the purchase of flooring products to pay special attention to the quality of the accessories and accessories, and try to buy accessories and accessories with the floor brand.[url= ]How to Build the Best Vinyl Fencing[/url] Warning 3: installation quality can not be ignored In addition to the quality of the floor itself, the floor of the installation service is also very important.
This is what people often say "one-third of the product, seven install". Strengthen the installation of wood flooring technical requirements are high, no matter how good the product if there is no good installation technology,cost to build 400 sq ft deck italy the same will not achieve satisfactory results. Beijing Haidian District, Mr. Hu bought their own wooden floor, in order to save the installation fee, so that the home decoration team pavement, resulting in deformation arch. Authoritative analysis: floor installation is a very professional work, the installation staff must be specially trained, according to the scientific installation specifications for pavement.The Benefits of Wood Plastic Flooring It is recommended that consumers choose a floor brand that can provide professional installation services.

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