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Imported metal material

11/10/21 06:48:55
Posts: 4,887
Rabid Fan
Imported metal material

The import and export metal material commodities required for inspection in China mainly include pig iron, steel ingot, billet, profile, wire, metal products, non-ferrous metals and their products, etc. The quality and specification of import and export steel are generally stipulated in the contract. The imported steel adopts The Japanese Xiff 'standard JlsG series and the German industrial standard DIN series. The ammonia exported steel is generally inspected according to the Chinese standard. The inspection of appearance defects of imported galvanized iron sheet, tinplate and silicon steel sheet shall be carried out according to the relevant provisions of the State Commodity Inspection Bureau. The foreign invoice, packing list, quality certificate, refactoring list, damage certificate and business record are the important basis for the inspection and appraisal of weight, quality, quantity and damage. The metallic materials are generally inspected by the State Commodity Inspection Bureau or other commodity inspection authorities. For a large number of imported metal materials, can be inspected in foreign factories before leaving the factory;
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For the professional units that import large quantities of metal materials and have complete inspection equipment and strong technical force, after being examined and approved by the commodity inspection authorities, they are allowed to carry out initial quality inspection of their imported steel after declaring to the commodity inspection authorities; When exporting metal materials, it is necessary to carry out ex-factory inspection. The commodity inspection authorities also carry out random inspection during the production process or before leaving the factory. They also check the weight with weighing instruments and check the batches, shipping marks and marks. The metallic materials shall be inspected by quantity and by weight respectively. Inspection of steel size specifications, including thickness, width and length of steel plate;321 tubo de acero inoxidable sin soldadura en frío dibujado
2. The side length of an Angle steel; The height and width of channel steel; Steel pipe diameter and wall thickness, etc. There shall be no scars, pits, wrinkles or exposed iron on the surface of galvanized iron sheet and tinplate. Mechanical and process property inspection of metal materials, including mechanical property inspection of alloy steel after heat treatment; Hydraulic test, flaring test of boiler pipe and oil pipe, etc. Chemical analysis tests of metallic materials are carried out to determine the content of various elements, including non-metallic elements and harmful elements, according to the specified standards by means of chemical analysis and instrumental analysis according to different uses430 Acero Inoxidable Serie Ronda Precio Del Proveedor

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