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metal detector

11/08/21 07:15:11
Posts: 4,887
Rabid Fan
metal detector

Metal detector is a widely used detector. There are three main categories: electromagnetic induction type, X-ray detection type and microwave detection type. They are electronic instruments for detecting metals and can be used in many fields.Tabla de tama?os de tubos de acero inoxidable
In military affairs, metal detectors can be used to detect metal mines; In the field of security, it can detect portable or hidden weapons and crime tools; In archaeology, we can explore ancient tombs where metal objects are buried and find gold and silver treasures, jewelry or other metal products in ancient tombs; In engineering, it can be used to detect underground metal buried objects, such as pipelines, pipelines, etc; In mineral exploration, it can be used to detect and discover natural gold particles; In industry, it can be used for on-line monitoring, such as removing metal sundries in cotton, coal and food. Metal detectors can also be used as tools for national defense education and popular science activities for young people, and can also be regarded as interesting entertainment toys. Especially in recent years, European and American countries have popularized metal detectors of personal interest on a large scale, and evolved metal detection activities into a part of outdoor sports.China Barra de acero inoxidable redondo brillante fabricante
Compared with the traditional detector, the special design of the working face in the detection area has the advantages of large detection area, fast scanning speed and high sensitivity. The shell is made of ABS engineering plastics at one time, which has the characteristics of strong resistance, fine process, light weight and easy to carry. It can detect all kinds of metal objects hidden on the human body, including jewelry, electrical components, etc. It is suitable for use in airports, customs, docks, banks, buildings, prisons, stadiums, hospitals, schools and other places. The product uses large-scale integrated circuit and can be fully equipped with 9V rechargeable battery, low voltage indication, LED light, sound alarm and vibration alarm. It is an ideal product for checking illegal articles.Galvanizado En Caliente Precio De Acero De Metal

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