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Metal thermal reduction

10/29/21 04:28:32
Posts: 4,887
Rabid Fan
Metal thermal reduction

The reduction of metal oxides is carried out with aluminum or silicon as reducing agent. Due to the intense and concentrated reaction, a large amount of heat energy is released to produce high temperature. Under certain conditions, the reduction reaction can be carried out automatically, so that all metals and slag can be melted to produce ferroalloy products.
Aluminothermic method uses aluminum as reducing agent, and the reaction can generally be carried out automatically. It is smelted in an unheated reactor, so it is also called out of furnace method. It is commonly used in the production of ferrotitanium, ferromolybdenum, high vanadium iron, ferroboron and metal chromium. Aluminothermic smelting equipment is a simple cylindrical smelting reactor made of iron, which is composed of two half cylinders or several parts. Easy to remove and replace. The reactor (also known as furnace barrel) can be placed on a pre prepared sand nest or on a movable trolley paved with refractory. The reactor and sand nest shall be dried in advance to prevent explosion. Smelting equipment shall be equipped with smoke exhaust device. There are two ways of smelting operation of aluminothermic method: ① upper ignition, such as smelting ferromolybdenum. ② Lower ignition, such as for smelting ferrovanadium.
When silicon (generally 75% ferrosilicon) is used as reducing agent for metal thermal smelting in electro silicothermic method, due to insufficient heat, electric furnace smelting is adopted, and heating is supplemented by electric energy. Generally, after reduction smelting, oxides or ores are added for desilication refining to obtain low-carbon and low silicon products, which are commonly used in the production of ferrovanadium and ferrotungsten.
Refining of ferroalloys
Electric furnace refining high-carbon manganese and ferrochromium alloys are oxidized and decarburized in the electric furnace. Because the carbides are relatively stable, it is difficult to obtain low-carbon products. Therefore, desilication refining method is usually used in production. Low carbon silicon containing alloys (such as silicon chromium and manganese silicon) are added with lime and ore for desilication refining in the electric furnace.
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Hot mixing method is a method of desilication refining by punching liquid metal into liquid slag. It is also known as Perrin method according to the inventor's surname (r.perrin). It is mainly used for refining ferrochromium and ferromanganese in recent years. Two buckets are used for counter current blending. Due to full stirring during hot blending, the reaction is intense and the desilication effect is good.
In the oxygen blowing method, industrial pure oxygen is blown into the molten metal to oxidize the elements such as carbon and silicon in the roughened alloy to obtain medium and low carbon products. This method is now used to produce medium and low carbon ferrochromium and medium and low carbon ferromanganese.Almacenista de acero en turqu��a
Vacuum solid-state decarburization method (simplex method) a method for preparing micro carbon products by decarburizing ferroalloys with high carbon content under vacuum solid-state conditions. It is mainly used to prepare micro carbon ferrochromium with extremely low carbon content.Cuerda de alambre de cable de acero inoxidable 7x7

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